Surrealist painter, Vladimir Kush was born in Russia, in a one-story wooden house near the Moscow forest-park Sokolniki. But after an art dealer from France noticed the originality of Kush’s work and organized an exhibition in Hong Kong. Success surpassed all expectations. In 1995, a new exhibition in Hong Kong at the Mandarin Fine Art Gallery brought more success. In 1997 he had a new start in the USA exhibiting in the galleries in Lahaina, Hawaii and in Seattle. In 2001 Kush opened his first gallery, Kush Fine Art in Lahaina, Hawaii. He now has 4 gallery locations in the USA with future plans to open more galleries around the world. Following in the steps of Salvador Dali and J. G. Ballard, Kush is the heir to the throne of surrealism.

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Her (2013)

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By Dasic in Newburgh, New York, USA.

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4,458 plays Down Ass Bitch Ja Rule Pain Is Love



Down Ass Bitch | Ja Rule (ft. Charli Baltimore)

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